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"Out beyond ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking, there is a field.  I will meet you there..."  Rumi


Standard: 90 Minute- 3 Hour Sessions  


The goals of these sessions are to help you:


-Develop healthy communication skills.

-Learn the art of "presencing."

-Learn how to remain in connection even in the face of difficult topics. 

-Revive passion for each other and for your lives.

-Process old narratives and traumas.



One and Two Day Intensive Sessions: 


An excellent choice for in or out of town couples who 


-Desire an intensive experience of transformation rather than in weeky sessions.  


-Dealing with a major rupture such as an affair.  Having the time and space of full day sessions can provide the intensive support needed to propel you out of despair and disconnection and into healing and connection.  


-Want to process old narratives and traumas in an intensive two day structure.





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