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Handout for Think Tank Talk

June 11, 2014


The brain’s rules for unlearning and erasing a target learning: 

from “Unlocking the Emotional Brain” by Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic and Laurel Hulley: 

Published 2012




1) Reactivate.  - Retrigger/re-evoke the target knowlege by presenting salient cues or contexts from the original learing


2) Mismatch/unlock. Concurrent with the reactivation, create an experience that is significantly  at variance with the target learning’s model and expectations of how the world functions.  This step unlocks synapses and  renders memory circuits labile, i.e. suseptible to bieng updated by new learning 


3)  Erase and revise via new learning.  During a window of about five hours before synapses have relocked, create a new learning experience that contradicts our windos before the synapses hae relocked, need to  create a new learning experience that contradics ( for erasing ) or supplememnts ( for revising) the labile target knowledge.  (This new learning  experiene may be the same as or different from the experience used for mismatch in Step 2; if it is the same, Step 3 consists of repititions of step 2.


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