Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” 

  ― Parker J. Palmer


In his book,  "Let Your Life Speak,"  Parker Palmer imparts the important wisdom that we should base our life's work on that which sparked us as children and to live, love and work from our essential nature.  


What has always sparked my essential being is the feeling aliveness and well-being which comes from being in relationship to myself and others.  This come from sense of alignment with a sense of "living" and "not coping" in relationships. I come from parents and grandparents who valued the preciousness of everyday and the sacredness of relationships.  The combination of growing up within this environment as well as an innate sensitivity and perceptiveness to others led me to become a psychotherapist by age 25.  My life purpose has and continues to be in helping guide others towards feeling vital, alive and connected in the full spectrum of life experience- from the pain and joy that life offers.  


1992 was a big year for me,  I received my master's degree from NYU School of Social Work,  I was awarded a Post Graduate Social Work Fellowship in the Psychiatry Department at Boston Children's Hospital and married my beloved husband Ken.  Ken is a first generation Catholic American whose father had served in the German Army in WWII.  I'm from a conservative New York Jewish family.  Many conflicts were triggered from the divide in our cultural identities as well as our family loyalties and sensitivities-   especially in making decisions regarding the raising of our children.  This propelled us into an Imago Couple's Weekend in 1996. We learned how to cross the bridge into each other's worlds through the Imago dialogue process which helped tame our reactivity so that we could finally hear, understand and empathize with each other on previously insurmountable topics.  The experience sparked a life journey that has been profoundly transformative in the personal, transgenerational and professional realms of my life. 


From that experience I made the decision to focus my life's work on spreading knowledge and skills on helping others "cross the bridge."  I went on to become an Advanced Imago Therapist.  In 2010, Ken and I made a major family decision to move to DC so that he could fulfill his childhood dream of serving the country that gave him an abundance of opportunities as a first generation American. He went on to become a senior official in the Obama Administration.  I started serving on the Mid-Atlantic Imago Chapter's (MAIT) Education Committee and went on to serve as the Vice President and President of the organization's 100 plus members.  As a leader,  I helped the organization clarify its mission and vision in the service of moving towards its potential as the largest organization of relational therapists is the Mid-Atlantic region.   

My persistent passion for helping myself, my relationships and my clients heal and grow into their potential propelled me into deepening my skills by becoming a Certified EMDR (trauma) Therapist and a privileged graduate of Hedy Schleifer's three year Master Class in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy. I have also studied with Dr. Sue Johnson in her  EFT Externship training,  spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl in Mystical Principles and the Strozzi institute in Somatic Coaching.  The journey I take my clients on integrates the best of all I have learned; a true alchemy of best practices from cutting-edge neuroscience to age old wisdom.  


My life's choices, experiences and learning continue to respond to that childhood spark to serve as a guide in helping others bring their full aliveness, vitality and relational connectedness into the world.  

Nancy Hyatt, LCSW-C 

4405 East West Hwy,Suite 509

Bethesda, MD 20894